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Landmark Deal For City Of Monterey

Very much a product of the 1970s, the Monterey Conference Center – home to the first-ever TED Talks – was still living in the past, without flexible spaces and the modern look and feel that would keep business coming to this tourism-focused coastal town.

Western Alliance Public and Nonprofit Finance structured a $25 million bond to help update the facility. “I keep going back to the term partnership,” says Finance Director Jimmy Forbis. “This is especially different from the huge banks."

Adds Forbis: “We felt we were working with people who wanted us to succeed. They understood our vision and they also were excited to be associated with a landmark. This new Monterey Conference Center is going to be ‘the’ economic driver for the city for many years to come.”

The energy was incredible from the beginning. It was a fun transaction - and you don't get to say that a lot.”

Jimmy Forbis
Finance Director, City of Monterey
Public and Nonprofit Finance Client


Bank Capital a Key Move for Endgame

Moving fast to stay ahead in the hunt for sophisticated cyber adversaries, Endgame is a technology company to watch. Or not – as stealth is a hallmark of its successful approach. Led by former Marine Corps Officer Nate Fick, Virginia-based Endgame is a leading provider of cybersecurity software solutions to the U.S. intelligence community and Defense Department.

With the private sector now in its sights, Endgame is growing. Says Fick: “We need instant access to capital. A loan facility is like an auxiliary fuel tank on your car. You often can’t wait until tomorrow or you miss out.”

Beyond venture capital, Endgame needed the flexibility of debt. “Some of deciding to work with a resource like Bridge Bank is based on intangibles. You get the sense they really understand what you’re doing.”

The constant of change in our business is really fast. We need the same kind of speed from our bank.”

Nate Fick
CEO, Endgame
Bridge Bank Client


Paving the Way to Greater Efficiency

Everyone in Nevada knows Las Vegas Paving – whether driving the 12 million miles of highway paved by the family-owned company since 1958, or cheering on UNLV’s men’s basketball team that practices at the Mendenhall Center, endowed by the company’s founder. Las Vegas Paving, quite literally, is part of the region’s very foundations.

When CFO Hanan Kabban was looking for a new bank, she made one quality paramount: “Service, service, service. I know there are nearly 7,000 banks in the U.S. I also know that most of them couldn’t deliver the level of service I experience with Bank of Nevada.”

Adding to great service are powerful banking solutions. “I see a direct benefit to Las Vegas Paving because Bank of Nevada helps us be more efficient.”

We pride ourselves on outstanding quality and we expect the same from our partners, including our bank.”

Hanan Kabban
CFO, Las Vegas Paving
Bank of Nevada Client


The Right Home for Cornerstone's Banking

Cornerstone Communities Corporation claimed San Diego’s Builder of the Year Award in 2014 and now in 2016, the company holds the keys as the region’s largest privately held homebuilder. For CEO Ure Kretowicz, one factor in the company’s growth is Torrey Pines Bank.

He says the bank’s willingness to lend – when many others were not – gave Cornerstone an important head start. “The bank was a real part of our success in that it gave us a first mover advantage. While other builders were standing on the sidelines, with the help of Torrey Pines Bank, we could jump in and do big land deals together.”

The resulting developments in Oceanside and Otay Mesa in San Diego’s South Bay together represent more than 700 new homes. These projects are coming online at just the right time because, as Kretowicz says: “The San Diego economy is firing on all cylinders.”

Timing is everything, says Kretowicz, and so is a capable and ready banking resource. "Those two land purchases sent a buy signal to brokers in our industry, which in turn brought other business to our doorstep. Given the speed at which deal flow moves, you need quick decisions to match those lending needs. Torrey Pines Bank does exactly that, and this is one of the most attractive aspects of our relationship with the bank."

The one word that describes Torrey Pines Bank is integrity. We have never received a commitment from them that they didn’t stand behind.”

Ure Kretowicz
CEO, Cornerstone Communities Corporation
Torrey Pines Bank Client


Developing Partnerships That Lift Arizona

Plaza Companies is an award-winning real estate developer that specializes in creating economic engines. The latest example is SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, a visionary, 42-acre mixed-use partnership with residences, retail and restaurants plus offices designed for high-profile technology enterprises.

Taking this kind of lead in Arizona’s economy requires a banking resource that does the same. “Alliance Bank of Arizona provides, over and above everything else, excellent banking services. But I also respect the bank for its leadership in Arizona’s business community.”

Relationships clearly matter to Harper and her organization. “I treasure the relationship with Alliance Bank of Arizona. The bank is intuitive, responsive, competitive and very engaged. They are a great side-by-side partner for Plaza Companies.”

We count on Alliance Bank to understand what is important to us and to our industry.”

Sharon Harper
President and CEO, Plaza Companies
Alliance Bank of Arizona Client

At Western Alliance, all of us take pride in being available to clients. In fact, many of us include our cell phones on our business cards and are available whenever our clients need us.”
Dale Gibbons
CFO, Western Alliance Bancorporation
Alliance Bank of Arizona’s service always goes above and beyond. They make sure we have the attention we want and the problem-solving we appreciate.”
Daehee Park
Co-Founder, Tuft & Needle
Bank of Nevada helped my business grow when I wanted to remodel. Since the remodel, the business has experienced a double-digit sales increase of over 12% in the same store.”
Eva Martin
Franchise Owner/Operator, Martin’s Grand McDonald’s
We appreciate Bridge Bank’s flexibility. Growth companies need a lot of flexibility and Bridge Bank has always been able to accommodate us.”
Keith Haas
CFO, Snagajob
Our relationship goes way beyond transactional, they give me unique and valuable insights about the community and the service is very high quality. I wouldn’t ever consider talking with another bank.”
Dennis O’ Keefe
CEO, Golden Gate Petroleum
The one word that describes Torrey Pines Bank is integrity. We have never received a commitment from them that they didn’t stand behind.”
Ure Kretowicz
CEO, Cornerstone Communities Corporation